In retrospect, it was inevitable I’d write a screenwriting book about Pixar. At 14, a Film 101 class introduced me to The Graduate and The Manchurian Candidate, and hooked me completely. My subsequent enthusiasm and obsession with movies brought my ever-supportive mother to buy me my first screenwriting book: Syd Field’s Screenplay. That year spawned an endless infatuation with the way movies (and TV) tell and design a story, and equally important how viewers experience these stories.

Slowly, I began to develop my own taste. I like to think of myself as a “mainstream film-buff”: I can appreciate both arthouse and blockbusters, but what gets my dial to 11 are movies that combine the best of both: smart, entertaining movies that move you, the kind of movies that used to be Hollywood’s bread and butter. Pixar’s films manage to perfectly combine art and heart into commercial movies. That’s what spoke to me about their work, and what made me want to write about their films.

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